Patch the Leak in Your Roof

Let us handle your roofing repairs in New Bedford or Westport, MA

Problems like leaks can lead to moldy insulation and drywall, interior water damage and other serious issues. If you have a problem with your roof in New Bedford or Westport, MA, turn to Toledo Contracting. We offer high-quality roofing repair services to keep homes protected from the elements.

Ask about our repair services today.

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Taking the time to get the job done right

Rushing a repair job will only put a temporary halt on damage and could lead to worse conditions in the future. That's why we take our time for repair services. If you call us for residential roofing repairs, we'll:

  • Assess your roof
  • Locate and inspect the damage
  • Repair your roof efficiently and correctly

We take the time to inspect roofs before handling roofing repairs to better understand the cause of the damage. This helps us ensure that no more problems will occur. Email us now for residential roofing repairs.